Water Works: Home Edition

We each have those messy moments as parents that literally take your breath away. Lately I’ve been reminiscing over the “highlights” of those in my mothering journey thus far. Funny that most of those involve copious amount of water. Perhaps you need a laugh today and could laugh with me.

S is now 5 years old, and her water messes have toned down quite a bit the last year or so-but about 1 year ago her worst one happened. (Perhaps my reaction to the WORST WATER MESS EVER made her think twice before splashing away, I don’t know.) We have continued on our “fixing up the house” journey, and the project then involved having the downstairs bathroom walls torn out and all the plumbing exposed. The recently finished upstairs bathroom is directly above it, and they share a “plumbing run”- a wall that is just chock full of pipes, including the sewer vent.  After a horrible wind and rain storm one day we had had a roof leak around the sewer vent pipe, and water had trickled all the way down to the ground floor. After replacing the sewer vent boot and drying out the plumbing run, we thought we were ok against future leaks. The wall stayed open to allow for us to work on the plumbing during our remodeling adventures. This story has to have this background info for you to understand what happened this one calm, lovely day. I was busy working on homemaker-ly things, when I heard what sounded like water dripping very slowly. Because of past water escapades, I have a very keen sense of hearing when it comes to water. So I tilted my head and tried to locate the sound. Several minutes later I walked by the downstairs bathroom again and heard the dripping, still slow… but a little faster. I went into the bathroom and was horrified to realize that there was a slow WATERFALL silently flowing down the last bit of remaining drywall, puddling on the floor, leaking under the wall and into the living room. The drip came from the ceiling, which was quite soaked and looked like it could begin losing a chunk of drywall at any moment. I made a very unladylike screech noise, and about high jumped up the stairs. Sitting on the sink was my adorable 4 year old, sopping wet and looking up from her imaginary world of fun waterworks with wide and frightened eyes. I could hardly speak-and probably a good thing, as my words at that moment were not very constructive or loving. Apparently the one thing on the bathroom floor that we had failed to complete, was caulking around the base of the toilet. The flood of water that was poured onto the floor was slowly finding it’s way under the toilet, across the downstairs ceiling, down the wall, and to it’s final puddling place on the living room/bathroom floor. I couldn’t have been more thankful at that moment that the downstairs bathroom wasn’t finished yet!

I’d go on with more water messes, but I think that’s enough reminiscing for one day. 😉


I must be patient.

Patience. Every mother needs it. It’s so elusive.

I’ve told my children to get dressed 4 times. I really don’t want to have to start the day out with punishments. It’s looking like that’s what is going to have to happen. I hear them playing rambunctiously upstairs. Sometimes I severely dislike being “mom”.


Here goes nothing.

Gray Days and Introspective Thoughts

It’s one of those days. You wake up groggy, with the feeling that you must not have slept well-but have no recollection why. Oh how I despise that feeling. Today that’s how I woke up. After getting…. 10 hours of sleep.


I should feel like a new woman. Instead I feel like I got hit by a truck. Thankfully, I have some very supportive people that surround me on days like today. Oh, they probably won’t actually see me face to face today-I’m just planning on staying home and doing homeschool and laundry. But they are there, holding me up, encouraging me to press on. Many of them I don’t even know personally. They are part of my life online, through Facebook. It all started a few years back when I joined a mom’s group. This group is the place for crowd sourcing random questions like “My 3 year old is suddenly back talking to me all. the. time. What could have triggered this, and how do I deal with it properly to encourage proper communication?”. This group has been some serious support for me on days when I felt like I could talk to no one else about the issues I was facing. Later, I joined a group that shares recipes, asks what’s for dinner this evening (Think about it before 5:30pm!), and healthy eating tips. I also joined a Flylady group, which is basically a “clean your house baby step by baby step at a time, and finally love yourself!” group. In this group I feel perfectly comfortable posting pics of my mounds of dirty dishes, 8 loads of laundry piled on my bed needing folded, and the huge mess my toddlers made in the dining room. Because I know they will encourage me to tackle it, and ask me later how it went. Posting the “after” pictures is a very happy experience, as I know they will rally around me and tell me how great I did. Toddlers and Hubby don’t always get that. 😉 Another group I’m a part of sends out encouraging notes about the value of motherhood and pointing the mommies to God’s Word. There are some days I’m about in tears just reading their messages, because so often we forget and get sidetracked from what is truly important. A group I just joined two days ago is one that encourages it’s members to post a picture of their outfit that day. Since the last 8 months I’ve been in work out clothes and construction gear, and the 4 months before that I was not fitting in any of my clothes well since I had just had a baby, and the 9 months before that I was in maternity clothes and “inbetween” wear…. I desperately needed this kick in the pants. Today I’m actually dressed, with my hair done, jewelry on, and it’s not even lunch time. 😉 Yesterday I actually wore some make up. This is a very, very rare occurrence for me. More amazingly, on a “normal” gray icky day like today, I might have even still been in bed moaning had it not been for the encouragement from the above groups of people. I’m so grateful for their simple gifts of encouragement and gentle shoves in the right direction. When H was a baby I struggled with mild to moderate postpartum depression. As a teenager and young woman I had bouts with depression as well. Two huge things have helped me with dealing properly with the feelings of depression. One, is the encouragement of these groups. Two, is a proper realization that I don’t have to be tied to how I feel. There is Truth that is Truth no matter how I feel.

I am loved. I am valued. The Son of God gave His life for me. For me!!

I am free from the bonds of the enemy. Now whenever I’m beginning to feel blue I pop on some happy music that praises my Maker, refocusing my heart and sending the enemy and his nasty fingers of depression running. With prayer and the prodding of the Holy Spirit and my friends, I am victorious and no longer say “I have depression”. Oh it comes around occasionally trying to bug me, but it can’t find an open spot for long, because of these wonderful supports around me. I am thankful.

Day 14- Confessions

homeschool button

Today the adventure of homeschooling just plain didn’t happen. No grand trip through history or mathematical fields of wonder, no carefully followed dot to dot letter pages, no bated breath waiting to see what happens next to The Boxcar Children…. nothing. Neither did I get to the loads and loads of laundry that needed taken folded and put away. Or to the mini blinds that were supposed to be hung. Or the dishes sitting there from 2 days ago. Today I accomplished very little. Or at least that’s how it feels!

  • Slept in until 10AM after being up at 6:30 with my husband while he ate breakfast
  • Took my children to Lowes and bought 10 gallons of paint, 3 mini blinds, and a door bell.
  • Went to Joann Fabrics to look for a pattern for my MIL. They didn’t have it.
  • Drank a bunch of immune system building things in an attempt to make myself stop feeling so run down
  • Ordered my child’s birthday present. 1.5 weeks after her birthday. She turned one year old, so she hasn’t missed it.
  • Made a nice dinner complete with a dessert to celebrate Sukkot tonight.
  • Mentally wrestled a counter top with my husband to see how to make it fit. So far we have lost.

I’m so tired today, I think maybe we will do some reading aloud and call it a day. Today is one of those days I wonder how on earth to fit in something so important as SCHOOL with regularly crazy life.

Day 6-Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

Today it’s gonna be short and sweet, and I’ll tell you why. It’s 12:30PM, my children are just now eating breakfast, we need to run to the grocery store, and I’m having beginning signs of mastitis (AGAIN!). One of the things I’m going to get is lecithin, which a friend recommended to fight mastitis. It seems I’m having a bout with it every few weeks these days, and I’m just plain tired of it!

homeschool button

So…. oh yeah….. school…..

We will have some school work accomplished today. I’m bound and determined. Pretty sure reading history and science books in the car is legal. 😉 Hopefully tonight JE can help with math, language arts, and handwriting, as those would be difficult to do in a moving car with cuisenaire rods and being a new writer and all. Oh how I’m praying this mastitis just runs away fast… I can’t rest today as much as probably needed.

How have you dealt with days like this? Any special tricks of the trade for dealing with homeschooling during sick/crazy/shopping days that can’t be avoided?

Running Errands

I’m talking about running errands with three children ages 5 and under, that is. That’s a whole ‘nother animal. For starters, the requirements:

  • Must be slightly crazy
  • Ready for some serious character growth.
  • Must be flexible.
  • Must have no pride-high possibility of being utterly embarrassed.
  • High tolerance of bad odors and crushed cheerios in vehicle
  • High affinity for planning ahead
  • Ability to pull yourself up by the bootstraps when all hell breaks loose.

In other words, it is HARD. 🙂 Shall I share my story from today? Ok, I think I shall. 😉

Today I had three hours to go to the library, ATM, and the hardware store. We had a deadline of needing to be home by 4PM. Easy, right? Well, first off baby needed fed. While baby ate, the older girls were instructed to grab socks, shoes, and hair clips. 3yo said “But I don’t have socks on!” and I told her to go get a pair. She knows how, and does this all the time. Easy peasey, right? Well, wait for it. This will matter later. After gathering all we need, having random phone calls and issues come up, we were heading out the door at 2:30. Not bad, still 1.5 hours to accomplish task. Possible, but a stretch. Children climb in vehicle, and begin to buckle. 3yo smells stinky.

Yes, she has a dirty diaper. Yes, she’s almost 4 and still in diapers. Don’t ask. I’m not the perfect mother. 😉 She could have told me 5 minutes ago???

So I head in the house with her while other kiddos wait. After cleaning her up,  she says has to go potty. Ok. Mommy guilt tells me go ahead and let her go potty. It will only take a few minutes. She needs practice, for crying out loud!

After she is all put back together we start down the stairs. She stops and stares at me with large saucer eyes “Mommy, I don’t have socks on!” Decision time.

  1.  I could take her to the store anyway. She’s wearing boots. No one will know.
  2.  She has blisters from wearing ankle socks with rubber boots, and needs socks to keep them from hurting.
  3.  I’m a kind mommy, albeit a very impatient mommy at the moment. Socks it is.

“Ok, go and get some, fast!”

I go to check on my other two, and find 5yo with half a water bottle’s worth of water spilled all over her front. It’s 2:45. Ok, so much for going into the library. I’ll have to just drop the books off outside. I go in to check on 3yo, and she is frantically yanking at her boots, saying “I can’t get them off, mommy!” Poor girl had sweated in them and they were stuck to her. I help her get her socks on, telling her we need to hurry as we are running out of time. At the top of the stairs she stops again. “Mommy I’m thirsty.”  “NO!” I say as I run down the stairs. “There is a water bottle in the van.” She comes running down the stairs.

“I’m sorry I made us late mommy.” she says as she slips her little hand in mine. I sigh. Somehow I could have handled this whole situation better. “I forgive you honey. Let’s get you buckled in.”

We finally get on the road at 3PM, and get to the ATM first. My card doesn’t work. It says to contact the bank. Blah. The only other ATM in town is across town, a 10 minute drive in post-school traffic. I stop by the library, drop off the books, and head in the direction of the next ATM. There are 2 cars ahead of me at the 2nd ATM, and I settle in to line thinking it will only take a minute before I’m up.

Ten minutes later, and I’m thinking the first guy in line must have saved all his banking transactions for that one day…

So at 3:48 I’m finished with my transaction. Must get home quickly, the guy is supposed to stop by to get this money at 4PM. It’s a 10-15 minute drive depending on traffic. Thankfully something goes right and I arrive home at 3:56. I’m ready for a nap.

Did I mention the kiddos got a 20 minute nap in during the 2nd ATM trip?? Which means then they won’t have had their rest out, but won’t want to finish their nap. Yeah. *sigh*

NOW, this could be taken more than one way. You could,

  1. Pity me.
  2. Laugh with me.
  3. One up me with your awesome crazy mom story…. I know there are worse days to be had!

Please share. I’m ready to laugh. 🙂