Monthiversary Day!

Hubby and I were married on April 12. Each month on the 12th we try to do something special to commemorate another month together. It’s also the one night we sometimes do something “date” like… so I treasure these monthly celebrations! Lately our celebrations have looked more like construction teamwork than a romantic night out, but we are still attempting to make them something special. In the past we have had picnics in the living room, gone out to share a milkshake or cheesecake slice, had candle lit dinners of enchiladas (Joshua made enchiladas for me and proposed to me after dinner oh so long ago…so we make them occasionally to commemorate the occasion.), and gone on bike rides. Today, I’m not sure how we will celebrate. We have some birthday coupons for the girls to get free ice cream cones from a local dairy, and some money set aside for us to go on an ice cream date, so I think that’s hopefully what will work out for tonight. 🙂

What are some ways you and your spouse like to recognize special days?


What are your thoughts?

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