Day 31-Hooray!

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I am so very grateful for this month long journey we’ve been on. It’s stretched and challenged me as a mom and as a writer. The difficult task of trying to settle into a new routine of homeschooling, blog posting, and fixing up our house has been very overwhelming at times. Other moments I feel like I could conquer the world with all that’s been accomplished in the day. Thus is motherhood. Now I promised an update on how turning off my cell phone sounds during school times this week worked. It did help. Even when I forgot to turn the sound off (oops!) just having the awareness that now was not the time really kept me from getting pulled off track. I am thinking a Facebook fast is in order soon. Just to help me re-prioritize my time online. Maybe I’ll do a “No Facebook December”. That sounds good. 😉 But at any rate, overall this challenge made me really dig in and think about the little things about home schooling. Some highlights of this month were:

  • Catching S writing letters by herself just for fun. Some of them even looked good!
  • H doing school at JE’s work and accomplishing a great amount-with no supervision.
  • Planting peas in a jar on our kitchen windowsill. They sprouted the next day, so the girls had fast gratification. 😛
  • Going to a home school group meeting to hear a local musician teach on the science of music.
  • Writing 4 blog posts in one day.
  • H reading to my grandma at baby’s birthday party.

Thanks for keeping up with me this month, and I hope you continue stopping by! My blog is still quite new, so I’ve been very grateful for the learning curve of this challenge. Will you share your favorite moment of the month? I’d appreciate feedback on what I wrote about that most resonated with or helped you the most, or what you enjoyed reading about. 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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