Day 28-Something Special

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This past weekend we had Baby’s birthday party! It was almost a month late, but she didn’t mind. 😉 My Grandma was able to come to the party, and to visit our new home for her first time. It was lovely! But what this post is really about, is H’s reading and my dear Grandma. H read aloud some of little sister’s birthday card, and read a book of poems aloud to Grandma. Now to fully appreciate the significance, you must know: Grandma is a reader. I’m pretty sure my love of reading probably has something to do with her. She spent a lot of time with me when I was ages 3 and under, and until I was 16 we lived less than ten minutes away from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I have many, many fond memories of her reading aloud. My parents aren’t “readers”, as in they don’t just read for the fun of it. Grandma is the one person in my life I can think of who just plain loves reading. There are always stacks of books sitting around her family room, with at least one bookmark or folded tissue tucked inside each book to mark an important spot or her current place. Her Bible is usually open on the couch or table, it’s well loved and bookmarked pages a testament to the heavy reading that has happened over the years. She instructed me in how to turn the pages of a book carefully, “Just like my daddy taught me.” she says. I find myself repeating her instructions to my children, as I want to instill in them a love and care for books, as she did for me. So you can understand how my heart swelled with joy and pride as H gleefully settled in by Grandma and read away a mile a minute from her 2nd grade level book of poems. Grandma looked up at me with surprise and said “Does she have this memorized??”  “No, she has only heard that poem read once before, early this week.” I replied. Grandma grinned. “Honest?! Well I would say she’s reading on a 3rd or 4th grade level from when I was in school, that is amazing.”

On my face was a huge smile- my heart full of happiness and pleasure that H was doing so well and met with my Grandma’s approval. My eyes threatened tears-the love of reading has been passed on. I’m so glad grandma got to witness her little great granddaughter loving words and books just as much as she does.


What are your thoughts?

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