Day 27-Minimizing Mom’s Distractions

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Let’s be real, as young moms it can be hard to set aside time each day to make school happen. We are already wearing the hats of butcher, baker and candlestick maker. (well maybe if you’re seriously crunchy… lol!) But honestly, each mother is cook, housekeeper, launderess, diaper changer, referee, nurse…. you know what you do! It’s a big job. Add on to that list the simple word “teacher” and boy do things get hairy. I have a hard enough time prioritizing if I should comb my hair or fold laundry some days. Just sayin’. (I said I was keeping it real!) Now as if that didn’t make life complicated enough….

the smart phone came on the scene.

We are often at the beck and call of this little device. It hit home to me a couple weeks ago that if I received a text I practically ran to get my phone-but if one of my daughter’s said “Hey mom, will you talk to me?” I would often say “Yeah, just a minute.”

Now before you hand me worst mommy of the year award, this problem developed partly because my children ALWAYS want to talk, and if my husband needs to get a hold of me he will often send me a text and I don’t want to keep him waiting. But still, it’s usually not him. Then I get involved in one conversation after the other. Sometimes these are important conversations, but I must be honest-I use this “tool” way too much. My children’s education is very important. So this week I’m going to try an experiment.

During school times I’m going to turn off my notification sounds.

Earth shattering idea, isn’t it. 😛 I’ll tell my husband so he knows to send me a chat message over the computer. He’s the only one who usually messages me that way, and the computer will ding to let me know he’s talking to me. I’ll let you know at the end of the week how it goes!


What are your thoughts?

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