Day 25-Independent Work

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This week we tried something new, out of desperation. S had a dental appointment for her first filling (Bummer!). I knew my usual babysitters weren’t able to help this time, so I tried to think of a way to be able to sit with S during the procedure without wrangling a bored 5 year old and 1 year old wiggle worm. The appointment was later in the afternoon, so I asked my husband if he thought I could drop off H at his work, and she could sit quietly and do some school work there. After figuring out a couple details we decided to go for it! I made a check list for H with the books and page numbers she was to read, as well as the LA worksheets she needed to complete. She was so excited! I went over some ground rules with her -Don’t talk loudly, whisper to Daddy if you need something, only bother him if you need to use the restroom or it’s an emergency, etc…  JE works in an office that is pretty low key, so if an issue did come up where she needed his attention (Potty accident for example) (Yes those still happen for her sometimes)(Yes I know she’s almost 6) he would be able to take a few minutes to help her. Besides, several guys take smoke breaks through out the day, I figure taking your child potty takes about the same amount of time. 😉 My biggest concern is that she might be in her “full of questions” mode and not leave him alone to do his work. No need to worry. Dropped her off, and later on got a text from my husband saying she did great, he kept peeking in on her and she was studiously working away! She had a blast with the check list. She even read extra in a couple subjects. 😉 I might utilize the check list idea more often-sure was less work for me!


What are your thoughts?

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