Day 24- End of Week Check In

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Well this week ended pretty well, all things considered. Thanks to H’s hunger and my weak willpower, we are about two weeks ahead in Bible and Read Aloud, and about one week ahead in History. 😛 Science is slower because we have experiments and such to do, or we’d be far ahead in that as well. Which leaves Language Arts/Handwriting and Math in the dust as usual. *sigh* I know it’s awesome that she’s ahead in the other things, but I really need to be faithful in doing at least a little bit of the harder things daily. LA isn’t too difficult for that, she loves it. I just have to watch her pretty constantly to make sure her hand position is good-she’s a lefty and tends to go majorly hook-handed. As a non hook-handed lefty, I’m grateful that I learned to write properly. So that’s a priority. Math…. she is struggling with feeling capable. I need to just slow down and take the time to encourage her along in it. Once she feels like she can figure something out she’s fine…reading was the same way. She tends to feel incapable if some measure of success isn’t quick in coming. Maybe this is a 5 year old thing in general? Since she’s my first I’m not sure if this is a normal age development stage, or her personality and learning style showing through.


What are your thoughts?

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