Day 23-When The Program Doesn’t Fit

homeschool button

I must admit, sometimes I’m a bit of a free spirit. Especially when it comes to school and learning. I was raised in what would be considered a pretty laid back “unschooling” approach to being homeschooled. While some aspects of that have served me well, others have not. I have been determined to be a little more structured in my home schooling approach. This week has been testing me in that-and I’m not quite sure what my grade will be. 😉 First off, I love reading. H loves reading. The curriculum is reading based. I LOVE this. The one thing that bugs me, however, is that you have to stop reading each book and continue it the next day. Or maybe even the next week! No, NO, nooooo! You’re supposed to devour a book from Cover to End in one sitting! Just blaze through all at once. It’s testing my willpower. And I’m pretty weak in that area. We’ll see how the week ends up.


What are your thoughts?

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