Day 22-Daddy Time!

homeschool button

Today JE is helping out with schooling. He loves reading aloud fun stories, and so I asked him to read to the girls from their poetry book and new read aloud book, James Herriot’s Treasury for Children. It is such a fun book! We just started it this Monday and are already 3/4 of the way through. Some days JE isn’t involved in the girl’s schooling directly. He will ask them to show him a paper or to tell him about the day-and I appreciate him showing interest and keeping that dialog open. In the future when they get to Geometry and Algebra that might be vital to survival. 😉 Honestly, JE’s favorite thing to do to help with schooling is to answer their unending questions. He has a much broader knowledge of science and math than I do, and is good at explaining things in a way they can easily understand. H has caught on to this, and will often ask him a string of questions just before bedtime as a way to prolong lights out… and it hilariously often works. He just loves feeding that curiosity, I think because he is a curious creature himself. 🙂 If you’re a home school dad, how do you keep involved in the schooling process?


What are your thoughts?

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