Day 19-Teaching Kids To Make Healthy Life Choices

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We have been “church hunting” recently. It’s an interesting process. One thing that has come up, is that some churches welcome your children and immediately start filling them with sugar, food dye, and more sugar. Now…. I have nothing against sweet stuff. It’s the excess, and the chemically super charged forms of sweet stuff I’m not all thrilled about. Add into that the fact that my daughter struggles health wise if she has had too much sugar, and we have an interesting situation getting bigger by the minute. I can not dictate to every church we visit what they can or can not serve for snacks in their children’s department. I CAN tell them what to not give my child. But then…. I could take the approach from a more grassroots level.

I can begin to teach my child how to make wise and balanced choices instead of just taking what is being fed to her.

H is almost 6. Still quite young for making a social stand or having a ton of willpower, but not too young to begin learning. And since that is what life is all about for her right now, this “Beginning to Learn” adventure, I feel that this is prime time to start building into her in this area. And we all know that this doesn’t just apply to food. We live in a culture of excess. While having abundant blessings is a wonderful thing, we have to be wise stewards of said blessings… or they become a weighty curse instead.


How does one go about teaching a 5 almost 6 year old self control and the art of tactfully making wise public choices??

Good question.

I don’t know.

As with much of parenting, you do your best with what you know at the time, all the while praying for wisdom and that you are actually doing some good. 😉 So far, we have talked with H, telling her that her teachers were offering her way too many sweets. We instructed her that….

  • She could have one thing per week (Set appropriate boundaries).
  • She could request a ticket instead (Their alternate reward system).
  • If the only rewards available were sweets, she could tell us afterwards and we would give her an alternate reward.

This week I sat in on her class. They are in the midst of switching formats, and so it wasn’t a “normal” class. They didn’t offer as many sweets as she has reported in the past- for example one week she had two doughnuts, a koolaid, 2 pieces of candy, and brought home two more large candies that she had “bought” with her tickets. All in a 1.5 hour class. This week she did have to say no to a piece of candy once, and I was proud of her. She didn’t cry or act dejected, just got a look on her face that said “Well, so much for that” and she went back to her seat. I’m praying we are approaching this properly. I want my children to love their bodies and to enjoy taking care of them… not feel like they are missing out on life because they are acting differently than those around them.

I want to raise strong daughters with sound minds and healthy decision making muscles.


What are your thoughts?

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