Day 18-Rainy Day Activities

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It’s cold. It’s rainy. It’s dark and dreary outside. It’s a lazy Saturday. What do you do to keep kids occupied? Well… around here we do a lot of reading and watching Youtube movies. We bake goodies sometimes. (Bonus if it is pumpkin and chocolate something-rather) My girls love to color and do mazes. Sometimes we play “build a blanket fort” or hide n seek. Sometimes my girls argue if I’m not paying attention to keeping them busy. Then we spend a lot of time sorting out who did what and what correctional actions need to be taken. I much prefer keeping them busy. 😉  Some days we just have to get out of the house even if it’s a gross day outside, and that’s when we go spend some time at the library, or just walking around the mall or Target. Some days we go visit one of my sisters and terrorize her house for a while instead. 😉 So what do you do to fill a rainy Saturday?


What are your thoughts?

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