Day 15-Creative Ways to Reinforce Letter Sounds

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Today I’m going to share a few ideas on how to teach the letter sounds and “shapes” to your child. For my oldest I used an old curriculum called Homegrown Kindergartner. It is one of many kinds of curricula that takes the “letter a week” approach. I like this approach because it allows you to really park on that letter and cover it well. You can:

  • Color worksheets with the letter on it.
  • Cook a treat with your child that begins with that letter. (Muffins on M week, anyone??)
  • Visit a place that starts with that letter. (Post Office on P week, Library on L week, a trip to the Zoo would be a great way to end the school year with a bang!)
  • Point out the letter on signs as you drive down the street, or go through the grocery store.
  • Check out books that have that letter in the title. Let your child roam the rows and find the books with you.
  • Look up Youtube movies about an animal that begins with the letter (Duckling movies for D week)
  • Do an activity or craft that starts with the letter. (W-walk, water play, wash dishes, “weave” some popsicle sticks and yarn, etc…)
  • At the end of the week write down all the words your child can think of that begin with the letter. Let them watch you write the words while you sound them out, then color the paper.
  • Glue stuff on construction paper in the shape of the letter

So, what are your ideas for incorporating letter sound reinforcement into your child’s life?


What are your thoughts?

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