Day 14- Confessions

homeschool button

Today the adventure of homeschooling just plain didn’t happen. No grand trip through history or mathematical fields of wonder, no carefully followed dot to dot letter pages, no bated breath waiting to see what happens next to The Boxcar Children…. nothing. Neither did I get to the loads and loads of laundry that needed taken folded and put away. Or to the mini blinds that were supposed to be hung. Or the dishes sitting there from 2 days ago. Today I accomplished very little. Or at least that’s how it feels!

  • Slept in until 10AM after being up at 6:30 with my husband while he ate breakfast
  • Took my children to Lowes and bought 10 gallons of paint, 3 mini blinds, and a door bell.
  • Went to Joann Fabrics to look for a pattern for my MIL. They didn’t have it.
  • Drank a bunch of immune system building things in an attempt to make myself stop feeling so run down
  • Ordered my child’s birthday present. 1.5 weeks after her birthday. She turned one year old, so she hasn’t missed it.
  • Made a nice dinner complete with a dessert to celebrate Sukkot tonight.
  • Mentally wrestled a counter top with my husband to see how to make it fit. So far we have lost.

I’m so tired today, I think maybe we will do some reading aloud and call it a day. Today is one of those days I wonder how on earth to fit in something so important as SCHOOL with regularly crazy life.


What are your thoughts?

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