Day 13- The Plan vs. Reality

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So I started the school year with plans of all sorts of amazing aspirations. I am prone to over plan and over extend myself, and during my brainstorming sessions to plan out this school year I tried- I tried! I really, really tried to be realistic. Really. Well, two weeks into it, and we’re seeing how it is working in real life. We are realizing what was the “extra” stuff that is quickly being left by the wayside, and what needed to be turned up a few notches. I’m still processing how I feel about the stuff that hasn’t been happening the way I planned. Some things I feel guilty over, others more like “Good riddance!”, and for some I feel wistful that somehow and someway I need to figure out how to incorporate it better.

Here is our loose daily “plan”. The things that have been dropped most days are crossed out. I’m being painfully honest here, some things I realize are because of my own laziness or just plain not thinking ahead. In my parenthetical notes you can also see a lot of what I am doing has been changed from my original plan. Flexibility is a mother’s middle name. 😉


  •      Listen to verse of the week on the computer (We did it for about 3 days, I need to put the music on the computer for ease of use)
  •    H reads the short version of the Bible story aloud
  •    Mama reads the long version of the Bible story aloud


  •      Read the section of the history book
  •      Discuss the section read
  •      Use the timeline to find where this event was in history (Took me three days to find the timeline, but we are enjoying using it now on occasion!)


  •      H reads the Science section out loud
  •      Discuss the section read

Language Arts-

  •      Complete a lesson in Explode the Code. (Some days we are doing half lessons)
  •      Phonics Maze book (SUCH an great idea… for example you follow the short e words to find your way to the end of the maze)


  •      Do one page in the handwriting book. (I didn’t realize Explode the Code would have so much writing, so we are backing off on this majorly. We are doing more like one page every 3 days or so.)


  •      One page of Miquon math      (Some days we do three, others we don’t even use the book. I’m still figuring this out!)
  •      Use cuisenaire rods to expand on concepts


  •      10-15 minute piano/music theory lesson   (I just got a couple books for free this past week that might help with this, but so far music has been music appreciation. i.e. “What instrument do you hear in this piece of music?”)

Read Aloud-

  •      Read one chapter. (more like read three one day, zero for a few days, repeat. 😉

So all in all, not terrible… can you imagine if I had gone with my first plan prior to whittling it down to this “barebones” plan?? Haha, sometimes I make myself laugh. Anyway, would you share your scheduling and planning ideas and tricks? I have a feeling I need to learn a lot more in this area. 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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