Day 11- Resting! Well… as much as a mama can. :-)

     Today I’m enjoying resting from doing school with the girls! Something I’m trying to learn is to make sure to take care of mama. You can’t give what you don’t have… and so I try to remember to let myself recharge and be refreshed from time to time. Today I did that by taking a super hot bath and taking a little nap because it’s the Sabbath and I was in desperate need of some recharge time. Most days it’s something smaller, like eating a piece of chocolate in secret so I don’t have to share. 😉 I try to do one thing a day, just to keep it from becoming a rare thing. Some things require my husband to be home to watch the kids, others I can manage either with the kids or during nap time. I also may or may not have hid in my closet to accomplish eating a treat in peace. 😛 I’m going to list as many as I can think of, what could you add to the list?

Take a bubble bath
Play outside with your kids
Brush your hair 
Feed your spirit-Read or listen to the Bible
Eat a treat by yourself or with your kids
Dance to your favorite music
Go on a walk or jog around the block
Go to the library for some “quiet time”
Take a nap
Play a game either with someone else or alone
Write in a journal
Jot a quick note to a friend and mail it
Put your feet up and listen to some worship music for 15 minutes. Or for one song if it’s “one of those days.” 😉
Do a craft project
Take 15 minutes and tackle that messy part of your house that has been mocking you 
Have a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee
Paint your nails
Call a friend and swap exciting motherhood stories of the day
Go get groceries ALONE and get a treat to eat while you shop
Light a yummy smelling candle and turn on some easy listening classical music while you cook dinner
Take a few extra minutes to do your hair or make up more than just “normal”

I must admit, some days I’m doing good to just get everyone dressed, let alone actually brush my hair. It’s on those days that I say, “Ya know, I’m worth it!” and take 5 minutes or less to just stop and recognize somehow that I’m human and need love and attention too. Ok, your turn!


What are your thoughts?

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