Day 9- Inquisitive Minds

Mommy, why does the sun move in the sky?

Mommy, why is peanut butter messy?

Mommy, why is a pumpkin orange?

Mommy, what makes me come down when I jump up?

Mommy, Can I cook with you?

Mommy, will you help me make a fancy cape out of this fabric scrap I found? 

Mommy, do dogs go to heaven?

Mommy, where do babies come from?

Mommy, what makes freckles?

homeschool button

My 5 year old has asked all of these questions and about 1 trillion others ever since she figured out how to talk. She has an extremely inquisitive mind, and loves discussing everything under the sun. Some days I’m all “Homeschool Mom Extraordinaire” answering questions like an encyclopedia without batting an eyelid. Other days…. well let’s just say I’m grateful for google, grace, and nap time. There have been times where I say “No more questions until after _____.”  And I usually pick something at least an hour off. 😉 No one told me when you become “mama” you also become “Answerer of All Things Random and Trivial, and Also the Deep Questions of Life”! I had no idea. Now let’s be clear here. I’m a talker. I love teaching as well. My husband and I both share that trait. If we know something, we are very likely to share it with someone, whether or not they asked to be taught. 😉 I can’t imagine being a more introverted person and having a five year old like H asking questions constantly. Some days I just felt like she was sucking me dry of all extroverted-love-to-teach energy. But it has changed recently. Since she has started reading she is starting to teach us things. (Apparently she inherited that “share what I know” gene…) She will cite a bunch of facts that I have no clue about, and then say “Is that right, mommy?”.  That’s the moment I look to the Lord and say, “Seriously? Already?”, while my mommy heart just fills up with pleasure. Because every mommy wants their child to go farther, do more, know better, and fly higher than they themselves did.  It’s built into us. Every mother wants their child to start out way ahead of the game, to be successful! It is humbling and thrilling to say “I do not know the answer to that, honey. Let’s look it up!” Even though it has been hard sometimes, I’m honored to have had the position of “Main Question Answerer” for so long. To be honest, I’m starting to miss the incessant questions. 🙂 3 year old S isn’t so full of questions, she doesn’t ask, she DOES. (That’s a post for another day!) Maybe Baby will be overflowing with questions when she gets a little older.

We’ll have to wait and see.


What are your thoughts?

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