Day 8-Having FUN is Important!

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So here’s my favorite part of homeschooling… the having fun together part. 🙂 Now I know this isn’t technically “school”, but it’s a very important part of the day! My children are great inspiration for how to have fun together. Sometimes I just sit back and listen, and giggle at their very active imaginations. Several months ago my daughters got on this “dance class” kick. Each day they would go find a poofy skirt and ask for music to be played. Then they would proceed to twirl and prance around the room, telling each other what “dance move” was next. It was so cute! One day they asked me to dance with them. I’ll be honest, at first I balked. I’m the mother. I’m too busy for prancing around the dining room! Usually I’m like a steam train in daily life… either the pressure is up, I’m on a roll and don’t stop me, or I’m having a hard time waiting for the steam to build up to get the train moving. For those of you who are identifying with me in that, let me encourage you to try a big dose of JOY. Dance with your kids. Sing to some of your favorite music. Run around the house playing tag. Build a blanket fort in the living room. Not only will you make good memories with your children, you will also give yourself a much needed breather and dose of joy. 🙂 Dancing with my children has become one of my biggest joys!

Ok, your turn! What things do you do to have FUN with your children?


What are your thoughts?

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