Day 7- Figuring Out Miquon

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I’m quickly discovering there is a huge learning curve when you begin to use a new curriculum.

How does this curriculum work? What is it’s focus? How does it approach the concept being taught?

Basically, How do I keep my sanity and not let this take over my life while encouraging my child to fully grasp this concept? 

Yeah, that. 😛

With Miquon math it has been a little harder of a learning curve than others. Now, understand I’m not bashing the curriculum AT ALL. It really seems like an amazing program, and I’m still excited to use it. Here’s why I’ve had a hard time: I’ve only used it a week, and I got the teacher’s manual late in the game, so I’m still making heads and tails of it. I’ve had some mommy guilt that surely I’m not using it properly or fully fleshing out it’s potential. (Oh mommy guilt, go to a hot place far away from me. I’m a good mommy!) Miquon curriculum seems to assume you’re a creative person and that you can run with it’s basic concept. Very fun, and allows you to go at your child’s pace instead of marching along unrelenting. I seriously appreciate that! In spite of my struggles, it’s been a really fun program to use even though we hardly know what we are doing! We have basically been playing all sorts of “games” out of the Miquon book with cuisenaire rods all week long, and my girls are greatly enjoying their math time. Hopefully this week I’ll have an opportunity to sit down and really dig in to the Teacher’s book so I have a better handle on how to steer the ship.

Have any of you used Miquon math? How did you best utilize it for your family?


What are your thoughts?

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