Day 6-Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

Today it’s gonna be short and sweet, and I’ll tell you why. It’s 12:30PM, my children are just now eating breakfast, we need to run to the grocery store, and I’m having beginning signs of mastitis (AGAIN!). One of the things I’m going to get is lecithin, which a friend recommended to fight mastitis. It seems I’m having a bout with it every few weeks these days, and I’m just plain tired of it!

homeschool button

So…. oh yeah….. school…..

We will have some school work accomplished today. I’m bound and determined. Pretty sure reading history and science books in the car is legal. 😉 Hopefully tonight JE can help with math, language arts, and handwriting, as those would be difficult to do in a moving car with cuisenaire rods and being a new writer and all. Oh how I’m praying this mastitis just runs away fast… I can’t rest today as much as probably needed.

How have you dealt with days like this? Any special tricks of the trade for dealing with homeschooling during sick/crazy/shopping days that can’t be avoided?


4 thoughts on “Day 6-Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

  1. No tips or tricks here, but plenty of well wishes!


  2. Traci Matt says:

    Don’t forget music appreciation and audio books for the car! And lots of grace. 🙂


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