Day 5- The Fun of Reading Together

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We enjoy reading together as a family. There is something lovely about snuggling together on the couch, settling in for another literary adventure together! Sonlight curriculum majorly encourages this by giving you a reading list of books to read aloud over the school year. For kicking off this school year, the first read aloud book we have is The Boxcar Children. Somehow even though I was a voracious reader growing up, I never read this book! It has been a treat to read it with my children. To see how they process the story, to grow their understanding and vocabulary, and to see their imagination being perked with new ideas has made my heart feel like a true homeschool mama. 😉 We include JE some days by reading while he is working on a remodeling project, so he can listen too. It is sometimes hard to get everyone to settle down for reading time, so on those days I either get coloring books for my 3 year old, sit the kids on chairs across the room from each other, (at least then the “mom she’s poking me” can’t happen. :-P) or we just wait until everyone is in a better mood. So far so good, and Thursday was such an exciting part of the story we read two chapters instead of the required one…I’d call that a success. 🙂


What was a favorite book or series for you when you were young?


10 thoughts on “Day 5- The Fun of Reading Together

  1. NiftyBetty says:

    I love Where the Wild Things Are. Especially reading it to my little guy. I get real animated and add in roars and hand motions. He loves it! And seeing how he soaks it all in and is learning new things melts my heart! It’s great!


  2. Jessica says:

    Aw, so cute! I’m amazed at how many great books are out there… I’ve never read that book either!


  3. Melissa says:

    I love reading out loud to the kids. Gives me a good excuse to read books that I might not otherwise.


  4. Kendra says:

    I loved reading Nancy Drew and anything to do with horses. (And I did read the Boxcar Children series.) I’m still a voracious reader, and kept most of my books that I had growing up in hopes that I’ll get to read them to the next generation. 🙂


  5. Melissa says:

    I love reading books aloud to my kids! I have a couple ideas to throw out there. First, I like to use audio books to supplement my reading (then we can listen in the car or while I make dinner, etc.). Libravox is a great site that has recordings of books in the public domain for free (so lots of classic books) and our public library also has a good collection of audio books. Second, to reduce the “she’s poking me” problem, I made each of the kids small throw pillows to sit on that they call story pillows to encourage them to stay in their own space during reading time. It doesn’t always work, but every little bit helps!


    • Jessica says:

      Audio books rock! I’ll have to look into Libravox, I think I have heard of it, but my old phone couldn’t handle it at the time. Time to check into that again! I love the story pillows idea, way to be creative!


  6. sonworshiper says:

    Great idea. I’ve been doing this with my wife and kids for some fantasy series I love. My 3 yr old and 9 yr old sometimes get bored of it, but the two teenagers and mom and I share a great moment. I read Lord of the Rings several years ago, once the movies were out, trying my best impressions of the characters. (Chapters with Gollum were particularly annoying.)
    I think we got through all the books of Narnia as well.
    Now I’ve been doing Brandon Sanderson’s work. We read Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, and now we’re going through the Mistborn trilogy. (The fact that there are several people in the thieving crew gives me more chances to do silly voices. Moriarty from Sherlock, Sean Connery, Ian McKellan, a bad Boston accent, and also Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even 9 yr old loves that.)


    • Jessica says:

      Ha! What fun! My husband enjoys using different voices as well. I personally start getting the voices mixed up after a while and then the story is some sort of confusing comedy. 😛


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