Day 4- Toddlers and Teaching… seem to go together like oil and water.

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Oh the challenges of motherhood… this one is the most challenging one yet, I think! How to care for multiple children and also teach them something simultaneously. Yet it is also what has felt the most rewarding for me. Here are a few ideas I have found helpful. Please share your thoughts and ideas! I don’t think a mom can have too many options for how to approach this challenge!

-Work towards having your day semi-structured. Have an AM routine before school, and a PM routine after dinner. Yesterday’s post talks more about this in depth. Even if you’re only able to have one thing semi-consistent, it really makes a difference! Trust me!

-Teach school in short sessions around baby’s schedule, i.e. during nap time, when baby has a full tummy and isn’t tired.

-Keep baby entertained with something close by. Baby should be restrained in something like an exersaucer, high chair, or baby carrier so you don’t have to chase them or worry about them grabbing pencils.

-In some activities, you can involve baby too. My favorite is when it is time to cook, set baby up in the highchair where they can see the action, and give them something to chew on or play in as well. Baby feels involved and part of the action. Works best for older babies… infants less than 6 months or so probably don’t really care to participate. But they might!

-Do quieter activities such as read aloud times while you nurse baby.

-For older toddlers, give them an activity that makes them feel included, such as a handful of pompoms and a plastic bowl to fill and dump them out of as baby wants. Often toddlers act out because they feel ignored or bored, this can really help with that.

What are some of your ideas of how to keep the school day moving even when you have a toddler eating the crayons? 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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