5 Minute Musings- Music

Ah, music. It draws me in, refreshes my mood, and can influence me with it’s message. I seriously enjoy music. It could be playing in the background pretty constantly and I would be more than happy. As a teenager when I had trouble sleeping I would put on either Fernando Ortega’s piano worship music, Twila Paris’s Perennial CD, or a random cassette I had from Dollar Tree that had some sort of piano music with ocean waves in the background. The music would be on repeat all night, except the cassette tape. I listened to those three albums so often for that purpose that even today that music seems etched in my heart. They bring a feeling of peace and rest to me years later. What we listen to does change us. It is important to pick music with purpose. Today my husband and I listen to a lot of music from Bethel Church and Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. They have a rich desire to glorify and praise God through the music they play. We also like to play instruments and sing, even if we are pretty rough around the edges at times. In another post I’ll talk about how it came about for me to even learn how to play piano and organ. God provided a way. He is good. He will receive praise!! In what way do you enjoy praising the Lord?


3 thoughts on “5 Minute Musings- Music

  1. sonworshiper says:

    I’ve gotten out of the habit of having music playing often in the background. I think that’s a mistake. While there’s the risk of getting sick of hearing the same things, sometimes it’s refreshing to have that “noise” of praise and worship under the radar, reminding me that there are higher and more important things out there than whatever my current frustration or struggle may be.
    Thanks for sharing your musings.


    • Jessica says:

      There are so many options out there of beautiful and solid worship music, I feel like I could never tire! If you are on Pandora you can look up Sovereign Grace or Jesus Culture or other worship groups and find many artists with similar styles!


      • sonworshiper says:

        Yeah, I need to take advantage of the Web and get a broader selection. I play the stuff I’ve purchased, and sometimes make playlists of the ones I like most. But the playlists result in that tired feeling after awhile. Familiarity breeds contempt, and all that.


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