5 Minute Musings-Rest time.

I want to start doing something I just heard about… and that is writing about something for 5 minutes, then publishing it. I am a proofreader and usually take a long time to post anything, so this could be interesting. 🙂 Today I’m going to write about nap time. No real reason… other than I really like it when my children have a nice nap time, and it can be a real pain to get them into bed for naps!

“Mommy, I’m not tired”

“I’m thirsty”

“I took a nap yesterday!”


*thump* *thump* *thump thump*  “Child, WHAT are you doing?”  “Tapping my foot on the wall!” “Well, stop that!”


But then after all are settled in and give in to the fact that, yes, they really are ready for some quiet time… that is the time of day I love the most. PEACE. Often during those times is when I’m able to do something nice for myself… eat a piece of nice chocolate without hearing any whining, read a book, bake something yummy, or just plain be lazy. Today I tried something different and put on the audio Bible to listen to while I laid down. I know I fell asleep for some, but the several chapters I did get to hear is more than I usually am able to read all in one day. Resting in God and listening to His Word are things I desire more of, but haven’t quite figured out how to do on a regular basis as a mother. You kind of have to get creative to shoehorn it in to whatever activity possible whenever you’re a mom of young ones. Ok, my time is up… what are some ways you incorporate prayer, listening or reading the Bible, or just resting in God’s Presence into your daily life?


3 thoughts on “5 Minute Musings-Rest time.

  1. sonworshiper says:

    I like the 5-minute idea. I might have to try that some time, as I often self-edit and self-critique as I’m writing. It definitely bogs down the process.

    That moment when little ones are finally sleeping is also such a blessing. My youngest is almost 4 but he still sometimes curls up on my chest or in my arms, and I don’t want to miss out on any of those moments. (My oldest, my daughter, is 15 now. Those moments are sadly gone.)


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