The Adventure of Buying a Home Minus Debt, Plus God. Part THREE

Instead of having an open house of epic proportions this Fall, we are rushing to finish the kitchen so we can have an inside sink for dishes before the hose needs disconnected for Winter. It has been a slow process since we moved here at the end of June. Having three children and trying to do things ourselves is making the progress bar moving slowly. We have had a ton of help from family and friends from time to time, and I can’t imagine where we would be with out all that help. Pretty desperate indeed. So… pictures.

So far we have gone from this:

2014-03-26 20.06.582014-04-17 19.07.42 2014-05-18 19.46.39

To this:


We had to completely gut the kitchen. Rewire the whole deal. Reinsulate, hang drywall, mud and sand, prime, paint, and now we are working on cabinets. We still have about 5 cabinets to hang. The counter top has been ordered. The flooring is waiting, stacked up in our living room. It is getting close! I can almost taste it. Real food, that is…frozen pizza and veggie burgers are getting a tad old. 😉 This week I go to buy the sink and faucet, and I’m about giddy excited about it. 3 months of washing dishes in the garage with a cold garden hose has made me severely appreciate running hot water. I am so, so, SO excited!  People told us that working on such a huge and crazy project would either make us stronger as a couple, or really beat us down. It has been very difficult. We have had evenings where we sit there and harrumph and stare at each other contemplating whether or not our spouse is really thinking clearly at all. We have had evenings where we are laughing together, making silly jokes the whole evening, enjoying each other’s company immensely. Through all our craziness, God has been faithful. He has made us stronger through this, even with all our failings of worrying and getting angry. He has shown us His ways are easy, if we stick with Him. It’s awfully hard if you don’t. We have lost sleep over it, I got my first gray hair, and we have both taken walks alone around the block in frustration. Yet He is faithful. We know that this house was His idea, and we plan to keep on track with Him, and no matter how many times we have to go back to foundational truth numero uno, we shall. God is in charge, and He is faithful. We are thankful. We are excited!


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