31 Day Theme announcement!

Drumroll please!

This year’s theme is going to be…..

homeschool button

Read the 1st day’s post here!

My eldest is beginning 1st grade this year, and I am slightly  very nervous about homeschooling. She is a quick learner, and is already reading and writing well for starting 1st grade, so we’ve got a great start. My mother-in-law introduced me to Sonlight Curriculum, and it seemed like a great fit. Since my daughter loves reading we did the 1st “grade” books for fun in the last few weeks while she was finishing up her Kindergarten work. She literally read two a day. And wanted more. So for the official school year we are jumping ahead to the level 2 readers. Today was our first day of diving in to 1st grade, so this is very fresh for me indeed.

Join me in this adventure! Oh, and if you’re a veteran homeschool mom, perhaps you’d lend your advice for the newbies among us. We may need a listening ear before the month is out!!


2 thoughts on “31 Day Theme announcement!

  1. llmom27 says:

    Enjoy your adventure!


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