Food and Caring for My Body

Today I discovered I’m eating about 1,000 less calories than I need. At least that’s what I ate today. It was a pretty accurate description of food lately though. Not proud of that. Also most of what I did eat today was bread and either junk food or processed food, so it’s not all that great nutrition wise. No wonder my body has been giving me signs it’s not being nourished properly. Here are a few tell tale signs:

Flat hair, brittle nails

Unable to lose weight

Foggy mind

Mild depression

Lack of appetite


Hormones out of whack

Skin is papery and blemishes easily

So today I started being accountable to a friend of mine who needs help eating more as well. I have struggled with this in the past. Lethargy and depression kept me from properly taking care of myself. It just wasn’t “worth” cooking for one person. Such a lie. Every person is important. I need to care well for myself.


What are your thoughts?

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