The Adventure of Buying a Home Minus Debt, Plus God. Part TWO

We originally thought all of these things:
-The kitchen cabinets could be reused. (more like my husband was hoping they could, and I was hoping they couldn’t. đŸ˜‰ )

-The bathrooms just needed some surface work.

-There wasn’t any water damage.

-We could finish it before the Feast of Tabernacles/ Thanksgiving season.

-The dining room floor might be ok to keep.

As we dug in, we quickly realized the tub needed to go, the cabinets were in no shape to keep, and there was indeed water damage from a pipe that had not been properly winterized. Oops.

As we continued on in our “tearing apart our home” frenzy, it began to dawn on us that everyone was right. All those people who told us “You’ll wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea.” and “Plan on everything taking 4 times longer and costing 3 times more.” were not just joking. They were quite serious. We had planned financially on things being much more expensive, and that has ended up being a very wise assumption. Time wise, we had to move in to the home with one working sink (bathroom), no kitchen, the bathtub didn’t work for a week after we moved in, and we had no bathroom door. Or bedroom door. That was July 1st. Now it is September 24th. The time I was hoping to have everything finished by, and be ready to have a big open house celebration of epic proportions. Instead…..


What are your thoughts?

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