My Hearts Pull.

So in another post I promised I would write more on the desire God has been putting in my heart over the last several years. When Joshua and I were first married, there was a presentation given at our church about Women At Risk, International. This ministry reaches out to at-risk women around the globe, giving them safe and healthy jobs, teaching them how to care for themselves and their families… to give them a hand up when they are stuck in a situation they don’t like-but it looks hopeless. One thing they do is teach women how to make jewelry, pay them well for their work, and then sell the jewelry. At that presentation my husband bought me a strand of amethyst and pearls in honor of the 6 month-iversary of our wedding day. As time went on I learned more about how difficult life can be for young women trapped in bad lifestyles or workplaces, and my heart ached for them.

Who would tell them about the hope that they could have? Who would get close enough to help? My heart’s desire is to be that person. They need men to come around them and shield them from the evil men who are taking advantage of them, to show them what a real man looks like. My husband’s heart is to be that man.

A dear friend of mine who was also newly married started having terrible difficulties. Her husband was an addict, and when he ended up incarcerated AGAIN, it was clear it was not safe for her to stay in this relationship. She felt so torn, but did get a divorce. She wanted to have a wonderful marriage, a home, to care for her children and husband… like me. My situation was just beautiful. The stark difference was almost too much to take. My heart ached for her, now a single mom, determined to provide well for her child. Time went on. She now has two children, is still single, is still determined to take excellent care of her children, and is such an amazing woman. I am privileged to know her.

Single moms like her need someone to lend a hand. To offer babysitting, a break, an ear, a hug!

My heart’s desire is to be that person. Their children often need a good daddy figure, a male role model to play with them and love them. My husband’s heart is to be that man.

This is not something that just popped into our heads. Over, and over, and over again God has given us thoughts, dreams, people giving words of knowledge who have no idea who we are- let alone our heart’s desire, and provisions that He is leading us down this path. We bought a 4 bedroom home earlier this year. In our area most homes we could afford without debt were tiny 3 bedroom homes not conducive to open door ministry. Our new home is far from ready for serious ministry, but God has told us one room is to be for “hospitality”. For the one who needs a safe and peaceful place. We do not know what this will look like yet in practice, but we are so excited to see how God weaves together His plan in our lives.

How about you? What has been laid on your heart? How are you responding?


One thought on “My Hearts Pull.

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