House Adventure, Pictorial Tour of Phase 1- Demolition

Ok, so here is a quick photographic tour of our home within the first 2 weeks of beginning work on it. Sorry for the jumping around in time, hopefully I can fix that someday. Today I’m just happy to have all these pictures in one place and labeled. 😉 Yes, it’s one of those days.

The kitchen, with most of the tile out
2014-03-26 20.06.58

The water heater, complete with disconnected water meter and slow leaking water main:

2014-03-20 19.46.46

One of several piles of carpet and padding. The carpet was so nasty I couldn’t bring myself to take pics of it. Biohazard came to mind. We wore gloves and masks. Our trash guys need a medal. Or a plate of cookies or something.

2014-03-23 13.08.23

Vacuuming our dandelion field front yard so the seed wouldn’t make our neighbors mad at us. 😉 We didn’t have a mower at the new house yet, and this happened. It was my husband’s idea. He has crazy ideas.

2014-05-11 15.04.06

Dining room walls were having moisture issues. Mortar had come loose from construction, and fell down blocking the weep holes in the brick facade. I now know more than I ever thought I would about brick and the importance of proper drainage thereof.

2014-05-26 12.43.38 2014-05-26 13.36.42

Backyard mulberry bush trimmings. The fence was almost out of sight.

2014-05-27 18.36.21

Before painting the upstairs hallway:

2014-04-29 11.15.40

All of the bedrooms had this lovely brittle tile underneath the carpet, which was sort of held down with black tar-like glue.

2014-04-28 18.06.17

After we took out all the water damaged drywall downstairs in the kitchen. Utility closet is on the right, laundry/half bath is on the left.

2014-04-21 20.48.21

Kitchen walls. See the insulation that is dingier gray than it’s neighbors? Wet. Yeah.

2014-04-17 19.07.42

After removing the carpets we had the ventilation system thoroughly cleaned.

2014-03-25 08.25.48

Downstairs half bath/laundry area. Was the only working sink in the house for several months, even after we moved in.

2014-03-31 10.52.26

Living room looking towards the front door:

2014-03-31 10.52.44

Kitchen cabinet demo crew:

2014-03-31 12.48.15

Upstairs full bathroom… pulled off the paper thin plastic tub surround to discover this lovely zoo.

2014-03-31 19.03.51 2014-03-31 15.28.41

Bedroom #3

2014-03-31 15.29.22

Dining room:

2014-03-31 15.34.42

Bedroom #1

2014-03-31 15.29.09

Bedroom #2 minus most of the princess party pink unicorn wallpaper:

2014-03-31 15.28.59


2 thoughts on “House Adventure, Pictorial Tour of Phase 1- Demolition

  1. marla says:

    Wow; unbelievable amount of work you all did!


  2. […] it from the bio-hazardous carpet and water damage, we were able to move in at the end of June. (Here‘s a post about that.) I am hoping for a kitchen sink to be installed before the end of this […]


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