The Adventure of Buying A Home….Minus Debt, Plus God. Part ONE

My husband and I are committed to living life debt free. We also wanted to own a house so we could stop paying rent having money drain away each month for something we would have nothing to show for at the end of the day. For us that meant looking at very small homes. Now, don’t misunderstand, I’m perfectly fine with a small house. In fact I have often had aspirations of living in one of those “Tiny House” trailers and traveling the country. Sounds like amazing fun to me!


We have three children. We hope to have more. We also love to have company over. We both come from large families, so just to have one side over for dinner might mean having anywhere from 15-30 people in our home. We love to have an open door policy-come if you’re able, we’ll pull up an extra chair and make room! That’s kind of hard to do in a 8×12 trailer…. So that idea had to go. Maybe after our kids are grown and we are “retired”. Yeah right. ANYWAY.

Next grand idea was to buy a small 3 bedroom home with an eat in kitchen. Not too bad of an idea, other than the fact that we’d have to trade our kitchen table in for a breakfast booth and set up tables out back if we wanted to have anyone over. My heart for hospitality was hurting at this, but figured that was all we could reach for-all the homes in our area in our price range were 8-900 sq. ft. houses with eat in kitchens. So I prayed. Not any special prayer, just

“God, please make a way for us to still love on people in our home no matter what our home size!”

Around this time we went to a conference in Toronto, Canada, where people are often given words of knowledge, visions, and dreams from the Lord. A lady there prayed for me, and with out having any idea of my heart’s desires or where we were in life, told me she saw us having a big house and that people, even people off the street, single moms, fatherless children- would come and be ministered to, and it would be known as the house of peace. This floored me. I was a puddle of tears. God KNEW. I will share more of my heart regarding this in another post, but this was spot on what God had been planting in my heart for years. He hadn’t forgotten, and He had a plan!

We came home and continued house shopping, and one home came up that was a foreclosure outside the city limits in a nice older subdivision. Amazingly in our price range, I thought for sure it would be a complete wreck, as had other foreclosures we had looked at. It was a two story home, four bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, with a nice large dining room and living room. Fenced in yard. No rear neighbors. Solidly built. My DIY heart was contemplating what we would need to do to make this doable. When we went to look at it for the first time, I was dubious. All the flooring needed replaced. Bathrooms needed redone, kitchen was old nasty cabinets that were really damaged. All the interior doors needed replaced from someone tearing the latch THROUGH the wooden door frame. Most of the lights were busted. It would need a new water heater. We went home deep in thought, and I made a big spreadsheet of what would need replaced and how much it would cost, then doubled or tripled that amount to get an estimate.

We could swing it.

We went back to see it 3 times before deciding to pursue it. We went to the Lord in prayer and asked if this was it. He didn’t tell us “This is it.” but rather, “Go ahead, you may buy it.” So we put an offer in. Our Realtor rolled her eyes at our seriously low ball offer, as the house would be worth twice as much once fixed up… and of course it was counter offered. We ended up buying the house for approximately 2/3 it’s repaired worth price… which was a great deal. The house was unlivable, but we had a plan and a budget.


What are your thoughts?

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